Enyemaka Ohaneze


Construction of a multi-storey education centre which is designed to provide young people in Nigeria with the opportunity to learn a trade and to have better employment prospects.

Reports from the project (german)

Donation level

108% target achieved
3.777 €
donated so far for this project. Of which 1.830 € through donations and 1.947 € through the returns from the endowment fund.
3.500 €
Our donation target
59 Donations
donated so far for this project.
Project completed

Project name

Enyemaka Ohaneze



Project partner

Enyemaka Ohaneze - Hilfe für Alle e.V. - founded by the Father Oliverdom Oguadiuru Education Centre for disadvantaged youths in Nigeria.
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Project partner's aim

Construct a multi-storey education centre that shall offer young people in Lagos (Nigeria) the opportunity to learn a trade and therefore have better chances of employment later. The building will be equipped with workshops for metal, wood, textiles and food processing.

Aim of the BeA Foundation

Participate in the costs for the interior building work and training workshop (€35,000) with €3,500

Training workshop for 150 youths

150 youths can be trained as fitters, carpenters and tailors at the training workshop who would otherwise be condemned to live in poverty with no prospects as academic training costs money in Nigeria that can only be paid for by rich parents.

The outer walls are in place

In June 2013, the Enyemaka Ohaneze – Hilfe für alle e.V. was established, and thanks to many events and donations was able to provide the financial means to complete the outer walls of the centre. Work on the interior of the centre has also begun, but unfortunately the organisation has now run out of funds. For that reason, the building work stopped in June 2015 and the aim of completing the workshop by the end of 2015 was never achieved. Young people are eagerly waiting for their chance to be able to secure a meaningful life, because otherwise they will end up on the street, slipping into the crime or seek out dangerous methods to flee towards Europe.

€35,000 outstanding

To complete the building work, about €35,000 is still needed. The organisation has great hopes of receiving plenty of support so that the grand opening can take place at the end of 2016. The centre is a project for the future that should become self-sufficient through the selling of the products that youths in training produce in the workshops.

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