Friends of Children


School attendance is often difficult for children in rural Nepal where parents can offer little support in the learning process. Help is provided on school days as part of the homework centers, which is made possible by local teachers, as well as additional leisure activities offered on weekends and during holidays. All of this happens in close cooperation with parents and schools.

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Friends of Children




Karin, Tom and Raphael got together in 2012 after many years of attachment to the country and its people decided to found the association “Friends of Children - Nepal e. V.” to help out in rural Nepal. The focus of the work is the enabling of education on different levels.
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Ziel des Projektpartners

Expansion of the educational infrastructure through structural improvements to the homework centers in the project region. Implement conceptual development of the project in consultation with the communities.

Ziel der BeA-Stiftung

Financial support in maintaining and expanding the homework centers. Start-up approx. € 1,000 in the first year, around € 700 in the following years.


In Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, and especially in the rural regions there grows new generation of children who deserve new opportunities and possibilities. The older one Generation has grown up with the caste system and has allowed little education. What happens to children if their parents cannot read and write, who helps with homework or preparing for class work?


Friends of Children – Nepal e.V. and the local partner association have set themselves the goal of opening up opportunities for children in the field of education. The association strives to enable children from socially disadvantaged families and communities to attend school and to receive help with homework and preparation for class tests. The first homework centre was founded in 2013. Hundres of children visit one of the currently 10 centres in the region every day. Teachers are local teachers or students, premises are provided by the communities, and parent committees act as liaisons between the school, parents, children and the association.

The feedback from all those involved over the past few years has been consistently positive, Visitor numbers are high and our additional leisure activities are popular with all children.


The foundation always receives new inquiries from communities who also would like to receive support for their children. The qualitative as well as quantitative expansion of the centers is not always easy. The fundraising for the salaries for project coordinators, teachers and for Overhead costs / materials and sometimes adverse circumstances (such as the coronavirus Pandemic or the great earthquake of 2015) delay the implementation of existing ideas.

Pilot project

Looking forward, we want to shape the homework centers even more in the sense of “helping people to help themselves” (initially as part of a pilot project). The idea is hand the management and organization of the centers over to the communities, so they can take over themselves.

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