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The former QwaQwa is one of the poorest regions in South Africa. But the Corona pandemic did not stop at the poorest. Thanks to the support of Support QwaQwa e.V., the “Tshepo Yaka Day-Care” was saved from permanent closure and needy and poor families were provided with food from the vegetable cultivation project. Now the association would like to help the people of the region to create better living conditions in the long term.

Donation level

111% target achieved
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donated so far for this project. Of which 5.086 € through donations and 11.538 € through the returns from the endowment fund.
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Support QwaQwa


South Africa

Project partner

The Support QwaQwa - Hilfe für Südafrika e.V. was founded on 04.09.2020 in Munich. The association supports and promotes the inhabitants of the region of the former QwaQwa with various aid projects. The first chairman of the association, Morolong Mokoena, comes from QwaQwa himself and knows how to help the people there.
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Project partner's aim

  • Complete new construction of the Tshepo Yaka Day-Care nursery to provide better education and learning opportunities.
  • Expand the vegetable cultivation project so that those in need can learn gardening: This includes the purchase of water tanks, gardening tools, seeds, etc.

Aim of the BeA Foundation

  • Completion of the interior of the “Tshepo Yaka Day-Care” kindergarten and promotion of educational opportunities for kindergarten and school children.
  • Promotion of the horticulture project by financing seeds, gardening tools and water tanks

Support QwaQwa - a matter of the heart

Even though he has been living in Germany since 2017, Morolong Mokoena, 1st chairman of the association, has not forgotten his home country and the problems the people there have to deal with. The people of the poorer sections of the population in the region of the former QwaQwa in South Africa are still struggling with the consequences of apartheid. This particularly affects the children and young people: For them, there is hardly any prospect of equal opportunities, a good (education) and a carefree path into the future. The Corona pandemic has hit the people of QwaQwa particularly hard. For this reason, Support QwaQwa – Hilfe für Südafrika e.V. supports and promotes the inhabitants of QwaQwa with various self-help projects. However, the aim of the association is not only short-term disaster relief, but also long-term development aid.

Tshepo Yaka Day-Care Kindergarten Project - Hope for the Little Ones

The association’s heartfelt project is the support of the Tshepo Yaka Day-Care Kindergarten in Letshalemaduke. Last year, this kindergarten had to close because it did not meet the Corona requirements: the children were cared for in an old corrugated iron hut. This offered too little space, hardly any washing facilities and no floor that could be disinfected. Thanks to the support of Support QwaQwa e.V., the first step towards a permanent opening of Tshepo Yaka Day-Care has already been taken with the construction of the shell of a new kindergarten building. However, support is still needed for the financing of the interior construction including kitchen, sanitary facilities and electricity installation. And even after the new building, Tshepo Yaka Day-Care will continue to be supported in financing play and learning materials, excursions and breakfast for (school) children. In this way, better educational and learning opportunities are to be created in the long term.

Horticulture project - together we walk the path to self-sufficiency

New perspectives are also to be created for the youth and other needy people in the region. Last year, more than 60 needy families and 100 individuals were already supplied with potatoes and spinach from the vegetable cultivation project. In the future, the project is to be expanded further, giving young people and others in need the opportunity to learn how to grow their own vegetables with the help of experienced local volunteers. The harvest will be used for their own consumption and sale, as well as for distribution to others in need. In this way, the inhabitants of QwaQwa can gradually create better living conditions for themselves and their families.

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