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Having to be permanently in a wheelchair or in bed means not knowing or not being able to feel how tall or short you are, what it is like to walk through a door, whether you are stout or thin. If you cannot move or dress yourself alone, you cannot develop a sense of your body either, or feel what your legs or arms are doing. What hands and fingers can do. To be able to bend, turn or stretch. The “Snoezelen-room” developed by the project ZWERG NASE helps with all of this.

Donation level

129% target achieved
19.321 €
donated so far for this project. Of which 8.228 € through donations and 11.093 € through the returns from the endowment fund.
15.000 €
Our donation target
84 Donations
donated so far for this project.
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Zwerg Nase



Project partner

The first ZWERG NASE house was opened in 2005 after the foundation of the development association ZWERG NASE e.V. (as early as 1995 under Prof. Dr. M. Albani). The ZWERG NASE centre opened in spring 2021.
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Project partner's aim

Equipping another “Snoezelen-room” for the children in the new ZWERG NASE centre.

Aim of the BeA Foundation

Equipment for the new “Snoezelen-room”, including:

music water bed, projector, floor mats, LED water columns, safety mirrors, vibration mats, sound bowls, special devices for light effects, fibre optic strands, liquid effect projectors, therapeutic agents, storage cupboards and much more.

Why a new ZWERG NASE center?

Due to ever better medical care and a valuable care team, ZWERG NASE breaks any statistics with regard to the life expectancy of children. You will be 18 years old and older and are therefore officially of legal age. The law stipulates that “adult” people are no longer allowed to stay in an institution for children. In Germany it is unfortunately the case that the care area for children and that for the elderly is largely covered. There is often no option for young adults, so that the children would have to move from the ZWERG NASE house to a nursing home for the elderly. This step cannot be right. ZWERG NASE takes on responsibility for their children a second time. With the approval for the construction of the ZWERG NASE Center, every area that is currently offered for children is also available for young adults. After reaching the age of majority, the children only have to “change the door” in-house and can continue to enjoy loving care, care and support. The new building will increase the capacity from the current 29 seats to 84 seats.

The “Snoezelen-room”

The basic equipment is a room in white, without windows to appeal to the senses. The music waterbed allows the muscles to open a few millimeters despite severe spasticity, which can mean infinite relief. Mirrors allow the body to be perceived, various musical possibilities affect the hearing, a wide variety of fibre strands and projectors to address the sight. All of this promotes the body feeling: to recognize and learn to perceive oneself, to feel good. For every healthy person “normal everyday life”, disabled people need support.

A carefully selected choice should arouse interest, organize stimuli and create a sense of well-being in a calm atmosphere, as well as convey a sense of security. With regard to children who are cognitively, mentally and physically very limited, this concept helps to stimulate the senses, promote sensitive perception, or simply enable relaxation, which is very beneficial after epileptic convulsions, for example. This includes vibration mats, sound bowls and special elements. Therapy and wellbeing are the goal. Moments for a smile.

Why depend on donations?

The house is financed through contracts with the cost bearers and the health insurance companies. Here, however, the principle “The basic needs are secured” applies. In order to make children’s everyday life colourful, to encourage them and to provide adequate and individual care equipment for each individual child, ZWERG NASE has to finance itself, respectively from donations.

Pictures of the project

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