Be an Angel for people in need

We want to enable people to build up an independent and dignified life for themselves.
Every year we choose three projects in Germany and around the world. “Helping people
to help themselves” is the main condition for supporting these projects.

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The BeA Foundation’s work can be supported through donations and endowments. We guarantee: 100% of your donations go to our project partners, who work directly with the local people in need. The BeA Foundation’s administrative costs are covered by the income of the Foundation’s assets and specific grants. The work of the Board and of the Advisory Board is entirely voluntary.

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Project selection

Each year we find three projects that help people in material or psychological need to build a meaningful life. There are two international projects and one in Germany, as the gulf between rich and poor at home is also becoming ever wider. One of the international projects always focuses on supporting children. We give preference to small, manageable “heart and soul projects” to which we have close personal contact. Thus, we can always inform our donors on the timely progress and further developments of the projects.

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We want people to be aware of the plight of others around the world and to support the BeA foundation in being an ‘angel’ for them. The Christian sentiment of sharing with those in need is at the heart of our endeavours. A key element of the BeA Foundation is to make people aware that giving and sharing is a pleasurable experience. “Giving does not make you poorer, it makes you richer.” It is this motto that exactly matches the Christian principles of the german “Zehn-Prozent-Aktion” (10% initiative). The foundation is designed to act as a kind of helper, providing support to those to help themselves. The BeA Foundation does not support individuals just like the german “Zehn-Prozent-Aktion” (10% initiative).

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BeA-Stiftung, legally independent, non-profit foundation under civil law


8th July 2010 by Bea Ackermann in Wiesbaden, Germany

Foundation objectives

Sustained support for projects that provide permanent assistance to disadvantaged children, youths, families and people in need in order for them to be able to create an independent, humane life for themselves.
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Foundation members

Bea Ackermann, Stefan Zahm, Klaus Bingel, Christian Zahm, Benjamin Ackermann, Joshua Ackermann


Bea Ackermann
Kirchenhügel 1a
65207 Wiesbaden
+49 (0)179 – 429 25 91

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