Donate online or also the traditional way via wire transfer. Your donation arrives in any case and 100% of it goes to the respective project partners who work on-site with the people in need. Find out about how you can support us and what we do with our donations on this page.

To the donation form Account and information about bank transfers

100% donation

The BeA Foundation’s work can be supported through donations and endowments. We guarantee: 100% of your donations go to our project partners, who work directly with the local people in need. The BeA Foundation’s administrative costs are covered by the income of the Foundation’s assets and specific grants. The work of the Board and of the Advisory Board is entirely voluntary.

Donation options

If you are not taken with all of the BeA Foundation’s projects, you also have the opportunity to select just one to support. You can of course also distribute your donation across your favourite projects. Simply specify your favourite project(s) when you donate. If you do not specify anything, we shall distribute the donation across the three projects that we are supporting that year. You can see examples of this below in the information on bank transfer section.

Donation certificate

As our Foundation is officially recognised as a non-profit organisation by the German tax office, you will receive a donation certificate from us which you can declare on your tax form. Please be sure to provide your full address with the bank transfer.

Means of payment

  • Bank transfer (see information below)
  • Direct debit (online)
  • Paypal (online)
  • Cash to one of our members

Foundation capital

The foundation capital is invested in various, solid funds that pay out their profits at least once per year. We evenly distribute the entire profits at the end of the year across our three projects. The profits therefore are added to the collected donations, but have already been calculated in to the annual donation target. The foundation capital may not be liquidated by law by anyone – it always remains an integral part of the foundation.


We generally receive donations to support our three projects. Another way to support us is in the form of a grant. A grant of this kind raises our foundation’s capital and remains tied to the foundation. it therefore cannot be ‘passed on’, but will be invested in the funds, which in turn result in profits for our projects. A grant is useful in particular for larger amounts.

Information about bank transfers


BeA Foundation


DE36 5206 0410 0005 0258 00




Evangelische Bank



Purpose 1

(three donation options)

Projects 2021
(your donation will be distributed to all three projects evenly)

Project B 2021
(your donation will only go to this single project B)

Project A und C 2021
(your donation is split evenly between projects A and C)

Purpose 2

(address for donation certificate)

Maria Donater
Donation Street 25
12345 Donation City, Germany

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