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Every year we choose three projects for which we collect donations for a calendar year. We support projects around the world and also one in Germany. We prefer to encourage small, manageable projects, with which we have personal contact. It is especially important to us when choosing that they are “Help for self-help” projects.

Project archive

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How we select projects and why

Our collection principle

Each year we carefully look for three projects that we can support. We set a donation target for each project (usually all the same) that we want to achieve that year. In other words, we set ourselves and our donators a period of one year to achieve the desired amount. If this does not occur, our project partners receive less than we promised. In most cases, however, we exceed our goal, so the projects can enjoy more than we promised.

Project partner

Our project partners work directly on-site with people in need. We are in close personal contact with them. They tell us about their successes and the progress of the project, and about how the donated funds are being used. We then publish their reports and current photos on our website.

Current reports

No single-case help

We constantly receive letters from people asking us for help with their problems. We know that such a personal request for assistance is not easy and that there are high hopes associated with making such a request. However, as stated in our statutes, we have to turn down such requests, even though it is very difficult for us to do so. The organisation effort necessary to assess the level of need is beyond the means of the Foundation. We hope that during the course of our charitable actions we are able to interact with other organisations and foundations to whom we can forward such requests at the very least.

Project selection

We select our projects with the greatest of care. A condition for receiving support from the BeA foundation is that is provides “help for self-help”, which means helping people to shape an independent, meaningful life for themselves. We have deliberately not set a single focus point for our projects. We would instead like to reflect how varied the material and spiritual needs of people are in our projects. One area of focus that has come about over the past years is the supporting of children and youths in one of the three projects, however. One of the projects is also Germany-based, as the gulf between rich and poor also continues to grow here at home We prefer to encourage small, manageable projects, with which we have personal contact. This means we can let our donors know about the project and developments of the project on an ongoing basis

Special projects

In addition to the three selected projects we choose each year, the foundation founder Bea Ackermann also decides to help other projects that she has had personal contact with by means of a private special donation.

Our special projects

Previous projects

Since 2010 we support several projects worldwide and in Germany. To get an idea about where we have already helped, have a look at our Project archive.

Project archive

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