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Poor people should have the possibility to generate their own income through sustainable pig keeping. The one-time funding of a family costs €200.


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Goldenes Dreieck




The Gesinas Foundation, founded by Dr. Werner Luttmann in 2013, helps needy people across the world to be able to build a decent life.
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Ziel des Projektpartners

Sustainable pig keeping should enable people to be able to earn an lasting income. The one-time funding covers a startup package consiting of:

  • 3 piglets (each weighing 20 kg)
  • Support for the construction of a pig sty
  • Instruction on pig feeding, hygiene and sale

Ziel der BeA-Stiftung

Funding for 25 startup packages (€200 each) to support 25 families.

Difficult Living Conditions for Mountain Dwellers

The ‘Golden Triange’ formed by Laos, Burma and Thailand, is infamous for opium plantations and heroin production. The impact on the local population and the number of addicts is extremely high. Despite all attempts by the Thai Government to promote the cultivation of tea or coffee plantations, and the development of tourism industry, there are many poor people in the mountainous regions, many of which were driven out of neighbouring countries. The land for agricultural use is limited in these very steep mountains, so survival there is very difficult.

Alternative Source of Income: Raising Pigs

A sensible alternative to opium poppy cultivation, GESINAS wants to support poor families, single women and older people in being able to generate their own sustainable income. Because the pigs mostly live from household, garden and agricultural waste, they cause little additional cost. After four to six months, the pigs weigh about 100kg and can either be used to feed the families or sold to get money for new piglets.

Usually they buy the new piglets from the KHAODEE orphanage. The orphanage in turn can provide its 100 orphaned children with this income and improve their lives. We helped with the development of pig breeding in 2016 as a special project – see project KHAODEE (in german only)