The Foundation

As a Christian Foundation, we want people to be affected by the plight of others around the world (including Germany) and to help them by making a donation to us. The donations should not be seen as righteous obligations but rather as a thank you for being blessed with so many worldly goods. A key aim of our foundation, in addition to supporting projects, is for people to realise how blessed they are and to teach them that sharing is a special pleasure which will enrich their own lives.

The people behind

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Our motivation to help others

Why do we want to help?

The BeA Foundation is deliberately based on biblical Christian values. In contrast to today’s “Stinginess is cool” mentality, the Bible says: Blessings and the fullness of life shall be bestowed on those who share. As God granted us with so many material goods, but above all his love, we should in turn not be selfish with our love. Touched by his love, our hearts shall then also be touched by the plight of others. Donating and sharing in this form is not an obligatory righteous act, but rather something that goes without saying and be a pleasure, not a chore.

What we hope to achieve

In addition to the collection of donations for our projects, it is also very important to us to convey the biblical Christian value of sharing with people in need. God made this world so that all the people can live on it in peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, however, the reality of this world looks quite different: wars, violence, and nearly one billion people starving. As children of this world, the plight of our brothers and sisters is our responsibility. Despite all the problems in the world, we have a very good life here in Germany. We can be thankful that we are not going hungry, that we have a roof over our heads and a solid school and education system, and that we can live in peace and freedom. This is not a given, but a gift from God. As a token of our gratitude for this good life we lead, we should donate to and share with those who have nothing or next to nothing. A major role of the BeA foundation is to raise people’s awareness of the joy of donating to others.

The name "BeA Foundation"

Our foundation bears the name BeA foundation (Be An Angel), and its aim is to make people aware of others in poverty and need. By making a donation so that people can build a more dignified life for themselves, you will become an ‘angel’ to them, giving them God’s love through you and creating a bond between the giver and receiver as children in God’s great family.

Our mission statement

Giving does not make you poorer, it makes you richer

“To always be open to the plight of others is the greatest of your gifts, as only in this way can your life be filled with joy, happiness and love” – a quote which used to appear in almost poetry books. It expresses an important life-lesson that matches the mission statement of the BeA foundation: helping those in need is not just a task bestowed upon us by God and which Jesus carried out in an awesome manner, but rather an act that fills us with joy, fulfilment and meaning. The joy of helping others to escape the vicious circle of poverty and to form a meaningful future enriches our lives more than any material goods could, as is expressed in the saying “Giving does not make you poorer, it makes you richer”.

What we hope to achieve

We are a young foundation, and we are still finding our feet when it comes to defining our donation profile. We have made a conscious decision to initially take a broad approach and to not restrict ourselves when it comes to helping those in a wide range of need. We have found that our projects continue to inspire us and carefully direct us into taking certain fundamental decisions. That is why we have set ourselves the aim of always having at least one project that supports children and youths and one that is Germany-based each year in our range of projects. We are looking forward to seeing where the cooperation with our project partners will take us as we define our donation profile.

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