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Children aged five to 18 that stem from broken homes are housed at a children’s home in Marawila (Sri Lanka) known as “Angels Home for Children” The home is as recognised for its caring and attentive childcare as it is for its diverse education and leisure programmes.

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Donation level

109% target achieved
3.803 €
donated so far for this project. Of which 1.856 € through donations and 1.947 € through the returns from the endowment fund.
3.500 €
Our donation target
58 Donations
donated so far for this project.
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Sri Lanka

Project partner

Dry Lands Project e.V. is a small initiative that was established by Frank Lieneke in January 2005.
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Project partner's aim

Maintain the “Angels Home for Children” children’s home in Marawila (Sri Lanka), which provides housing for up to 60 girls from poor and broken homes.

Aim of the BeA Foundation

Support the work of “Angels Home for Children” with €3,500

Angels Home for Children

The Dry Lands Project e.V. was founded in Germany in January 2005 with the aim of caring for orphaned and neglected children in Sri Lanka. Initially set up as immediate tsunami disaster relief by Frank Lieneke from North-Rhine Westphalia, the project has developed over the years into a long-term support measure. The first self-initiated project, the “Angels Home for Children”, was opened in 2005 for girls from poor and broken homes, and remains the main project to this day. The girls aged five to 20 are lovingly cared for 24 hours a day. The main objective is to accompany the girls towards an independent and financially secure future. They can make use of a variety of educational and leisure pursuits such as:

  • Tutoring in English, Maths, Sciences and Singhalese
  • Learning the traditional Kandy dance
  • Cooking classes on international cuisine
  • Reading time in the house’s own library
  • Computer lessons
  • Creative activities & games
  • Learning how to carry out domestic chores and various handicrafts

Professional training centre

A vocational training centre was established on the land adjacent to the children’s home in early 2015 Here the girls and young women from outside of the home have the opportunity to learn about tailoring, hairdressing or cosmetics. The financing of the Dry Lands Project e.V. is financed almost exclusively by private donations and sponsorships. Transparency is the main priority for the project managers in their work. They are available at any time for questions and appreciate feedback.
For more information about the entire project, as well as almost daily news, you can visit the website www.dry-lands.org as well as on the appropriate fan page on Facebook.

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